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Hundreds MORE Drivers Ticketed By Police

Since last July, more than 500 drivers have been ticketed near Guerrero and 27th Streets.

Please email Heather Fong, the Chief of Police, to voice your support for the stings, and especially, to inform her of the good work of the officers involved.

Crosswalk Stings

The San Francisco Police Department continues to run "pedestrian crosswalk stings" at Guerrero and 27th Streets as part of a grant they received from the California Office of Traffic Safety.

In a sting, a plain-clothed officer repeatedly tries to cross a well-marked pedestrian crosswalk, making sure that he allows enough time for traffic to stop. Cars that don't stop are pursued and ticketed by officers on motorcycles. Drivers were ticketed both for failing to yield to pedestrians and often also for speeding. Some were arrested for suspended or missing licenses.

Other Enforcement

SFPD's Ingleside Station is also targeting our neighborhood for speeding violations.

We are attempting to do targeted enforcement in the area at least once a week, dependent upon other details and commitments.

On-going enforcement for speed violations are [also] being conducted.

-- Captain Ed Springer, SFPD

Driver Reaction

Officers reported that drivers' reaction is commonly: "Why was that person in the road? He shouldn't be crossing there in the first place!" and especially "I didn't see him!"

Driver education must be part of the solution for our neighborhood.

More information on Crosswalk Stings.

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