The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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Concrete North of Cesar Chavez

3,000 pamphlets handed to drivers

St. Luke's Donates $20,000 towards Neighborhood Plan

Duncan Signal Turned On

Beware of new tow zones!

Changes to Specific Intersections this Spring

Hundreds MORE Drivers Ticketed by Police

We won $100,000 in Grants to Create a Neighborhood Plan

Our Legislation Passed!

The Demonstration was a Huge Success

The Banners are Up

Contact information for public officials

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Examiner June 23, 2004

Examiner July 19, 2004

Examiner July 20, 2004

Examiner July 23, 2004

Independent July 27, 2004

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Press Release July 9, 2004

What's new?

Planting 2008

Changes at St. Luke's

Older news

Older news, press and press releases