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Green median, part 1

This fall, as a pilot program, we are working with DPW and Guerrero Street Gardens (1074 Guerrero at 23rd) to "green" the existing concrete median on Guerrero between Cesar Chavez and Duncan.

Care by residents

These pilot blocks were chosen because residents there agreed to:

  • Weed
  • Pick up trash
  • Inform DPW when a tree needs help
  • Help pay for the plants, trees, mulch and labor

Volunteer for your block

Assuming the pilot project goes well, we will be looking for volunteers to green other blocks.

If you are willing to help maintain the median or donate, send us email.

More than 100 people helped us plant November 5

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To make a donation, volunteer, or find out more, contact us.

Garden at Cesar Chavez soon!

We'll be planting the garden at Cesar Chavez in the next few weeks.

Selected plants

Landscape architects at Guerrero Street Gardens selected trees and plants for the median. Take a look.

What's new?

Garden at Cesar Chavez

Green Median, part 1

3,000 pamphlets handed to drivers

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