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Garden at Cesar Chavez

Now that the Department of Public Works has installed a hosebib in this precious open space in our neighborhood, we're putting together a plan to restore the garden that was once cared for there single-handedly by a neighbor for over 14 years.

We're partnering with Flora Grubb of Guerrero Street Gardens, and the Department of Public Works' Department of Urban Forestry to create an acceptable design for this public right-of-way.

We Need Your Help!

If you are interested in volunteering to help prepare the site, plant, mulch, or do ongoing maintenance, please email us.

Send Money!

If you would like to donate money (tax deductible) to this effort, please call Steve Kopff at 415.285.8188 or email us--we have to purchase the mulch, plants and border.

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Garden at Cesar Chavez

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