The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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A Temporary Setback North of Cesar Chavez...

In late 2006, DPW discovered that the medians north of Cesar Chavez were each poured as one piece of concrete--rather than the more typical practice of pouring the curbs around the outside edge separately.

This complicates removing the medians, since it means that after the cement is broken up, the curbs may need to be repoured.

...Resolved at No Cost

In partnership with the Department of Public Works and the City Administratorís Office, a coalition of San Francisco contractors and suppliers will demolish and remove the concrete from the Guerrero medians, as a way to give back to the City. These heroes plan to demolish one block of median per month, during off-hours. If necessary, they will rebuild and repour the median curbs, using materials and supplies donated by other San Francisco businesses.

Thanks to Miguel Galarza

This effort is being led by Mission District native and Yerba Buena Engineering & Construction, Inc. President, Miguel Galarza. Mr. Galarza was named the 2006 Minority Business Person of the Year in 2006 by the Small Business Administration for his extraordinary record of community service.