The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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Our Proposal

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Our Proposal

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Create a Neighborhood Space

  • Move St. Luke's entrance to Valencia
  • Create a 2-acre Park
  • Add new mixed-use, active ground-floor buildings along Cesar Chavez, 27th and Valencia
  • Create senior housing and assisted living
  • Calm traffic on 27th, Duncan, San Jose and Tiffany
  • Preserve the historic 1912 building on Valencia (the "old" hospital)
  • Preserve the landmarked Moreton Fig Tree on Valencia
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New building on current doctor's parking lot

Build some combination of medical professional offices, housing and assisted living on the current doctor’s parking lot.

Active Ground-floor Neighborhood-serving Uses on Cesar Chavez AND 27th

Use the ground floor for neighborhood-serving purposes (restaurant, pharmacy, café, mothering store?) on both 27th and Cesar Chavez Streets.

Underground Parking

Put parking underground with a driveway on Cesar Chavez.

Pedestrian Access to Park and 27th Street

Include a walkway between this building and the "wellness center" (D) to allow pedestrians to access the park (F) and retail on 27th Street.

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Reorient the Hospital onto Valencia

The “orphan blocks” of Valencia Street south of Cesar Chavez Street are nearly as wide as Cesar Chavez Street but carry very little traffic, lead to the robust public transit on Mission Street and are very underutilized. These two blocks of Valencia could become “St. Luke’s Boulevard.”

Build a New Hospital on Valencia

Build the new St. Luke’s and more professional offices on a combination of the Monteagle building, the Solarium entrance and the end of Duncan Street, with a main entrance and ER on Valencia Street to dead end into the loading dock

Calm Traffic

Block the awkward intersection at Valencia, Duncan and Tiffany to through-traffic.

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Convert the Tower to Assisted Living and Apartments

Convert and retrofit (or demolish and build anew) the 1970s tower, loading dock and associated pieces into assisted living and apartments.

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Build a 3-story Wellness Center/Pool/Gym

Build a new building obtained by bumping out the three bottom floors of the current tower onto the surface-level parking lot on Cesar Chavez.

Allow access to park

Make it easy to access the park (F) from this building and Cesar Chavez.

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Build Housing on Valencia

Demolish the old 1957 ER building to build housing (senior, more assisted living) with an active entrance on Valencia, next to the landmarked Moreton Fig (landmarked tree precludes parking below, so Senior housing works well here).

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Make a Park

Convert the parking garage and ancillary buildings into a podium park like Yerba Buena Gardens or Mint Plaza.

Underground Parking

Move parking underground (accessed from a driveway on Valencia)

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Create a Conference Center

Turn the historic Valencia building into a Conference center (put skylights on roof), with an ADA accessible entrance through the housing on the site of the old 1957 ER building – café/kiosk and flower shop on Valencia at base of steps. Offer reduced rates for community events and meetings.

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