The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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Creating a Neighborhood Plan

We are developing a long-term plan to improve the neighborhood--but we need your help.

Draft Plan

In August 2005, PPS created concept drawings to help all of us visualize the plans.

Tell us what you think!

These concept drawings are nothing more than suggestions. There is a lot more work to do to finalize the plans.

Please send us email about the plans and let us know what you think.

We'd like your opinions about the whole plan, in addition to comments about your intersection in particular.


The links at the right show the plan.

Corridor-wide features shows features that we anticipate would be added all along the corridor.

Intersection guide gives a brief description of the five intersections for which there are specific drawings.

Map of corridor shows a map of the entire stretch from Cesar Chavez to Randall, including treatments for all intersections.

Following that are drawings for each of the five intersections identified by neighbors for intense consideration.

The links under "Additional Information" show explanations for feature not tied to specific locations.

Draft Plan

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Corridor-wide Features

Intersection Guide

Map of Corridor

Cesar Chavez

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Other Intersections

Additional Information

Pedestrian Bulbouts

Temporary Pedestrian Bulbouts

Wider sidewalks or wider Median

Trees in the Street


Extending the Median

Parking Meters

Turn Pockets

PPS Slideshow from Community Workshops

Survey Results

Background Information

Local Collisions

Local Traffic Counts

Local Traffic Speeds

Speed Limit Law

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