The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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Cesar Chavez

Three alternatives show extending the medians to the crosswalk, extending the sidewalks at the corners and enlarging the public garden at the northwest corner.

Alternative 1 shows Cesar Chavez one lane wide and trees in their own planting strip.

Alternative 2 shows a 14-foot median and trees sharing the parking lane with cars.

Alternative 3 shows a left-turn pocket.

28th Street

Two alternatives show closing this intersection off to most cars, widening the median to 14 feet just south of this intersection, and adding bulbouts on 28th.

Alternative 1 shows a public space with new parking along the east side of Guerrero.

Alternative 2 shows a public garden without new parking.

29th Street

Two alternatives show widening sidewalks to encourage pedestrians near shopping.

Alternative 1 shows the final version.

Alternative 2 shows inexpensive first steps towards the final version.


Two alternatives show making the turns at Dolores 90 degrees, making Dolores one lane northbound and enlarging public spaces.

Alternative 1 shows removing the third lane and the turn from San Jose onto Dolores.

Alternative 2 shows retaining the third lane and the turn from San Jose onto Dolores.


Two alternatives show extending sidewalks, angled parking, removing the "free" right-turn onto San Jose, and converting the teacher's parking lot to a public garden.

Alternative 1 shows removing the third lane.

Alternative 2 shows retaining the third lane.

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