The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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Randall, Alternative 1

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Slow traffic

  • Remove the third lane (D)
  • Extend sidewalks (B, C, F, G)
  • Add angled parking (A)
  • Convert the teacher's parking lot to a public garden facing San Jose
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Angle parking

Angled parking can increase parking and slow drivers by narrowing the street.

90 degree parking is shown here.

Back in

Angled parking with the back of the car against the curb is considered safer.

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Add pedestrian bulbout

Adding a bulbout will help prevent drivers from racing up Arlington.

More on bulbouts
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Add pedestrian bulbout

Elementary school children stand here on school days.

More on bulbouts
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Remove a lane
Widen sidewalk

Currently there are three lanes of traffic here.

Add an "advanced stop line"

Setting the stop line some distance back from the intersection helps prevent cars from stopping IN the crosswalk.

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Replace parking with a park

Currently there is a teacher's parking lot here. Unfortunately, state law prohibits designating street parking expressly for teachers.

Build new housing?

Another proposal is to sell this lot and build housing here.

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Remove the "free" right-turn

Currently, westbound drivers can turn north without waiting for the light. They would have to wait at the light.

Connect the pedestrian "island" to the sidewalk.

Filling in the free right turn extends the sidewalk to the island where elementary school children stand on school days.

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Create a sharper right-turn

A sharper turning angle reduces turning speed.

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