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The Potential Benefits of Parking Meters

If we create a public space at 28th, we can add new parking along the east side of Guerrero. We might be able to fit 8 parking meters there.

Why would we want to do that?

Parking benefit districts

In a "parking benefit district" money from parking meters is earmarked specifically for benefits for the local neighborhood.

In 2001 in Old Pasadena, this amounted to more than $1,700 of local benefits--for EACH meter.

Even at $500 per year per meter, eight meters would yield $4,000 each year for use by our neighborhood for plantings, sidewalk cleanup, tree maintenance or public events.

For our neighborhood, these parking meters could be used by people who don't have local parking permits wanting to park for longer than two hours.

San Francisco considers parking benefit districts

San Francisco is currently reviewing the potential for Parking Benefit Districts.

Right now, it's not clear how money from parking meters would be split between MUNI and neighborhoods.

Parking studies

San Francisco is also undertaking parking management studies to consider the best strategies for parking.

We have formally asked to be a pilot neighborhood for such a study.

More information on parking benefit districts

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