The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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History of the San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood Plan

March 2005: Public workshops

In March, we held two public workshops, conducted by the Project for Public Spaces. At the workshops, PPS presented a slide show about possibilities for the neighborhood.

"Create a place"

PPS stressed that we could "create a place" in addition to slowing traffic and making our streets easier to cross.

The workshops also included a "Place Game", in which small groups of people evaluated specific locations. We conducted more Place Games for six weeks after the workshops to make sure that each location was assessed.

May 2005: Technical workshop

From the workshop and Place Game results, opinion survey data and door-to-door canvassing, PPS created some preliminary designs.

In May, we met with city, county and state officials from a dozen different departments to get their reactions to the preliminary ideas. For the most part, they agreed that the preliminary designs were plausible--although expensive in some cases.

August 2005: PPS Drawings

In August, PPS created a series of concept drawings to help all of us visualize the plans.

They drew plans for the entire stretch from Randall to Cesar Chavez, as well as more detailed plans for five intersections.

October 2005: Public workshops

We reviewed the concept drawings and plans at two public workshops in English and one in Spanish.

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