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Dolores, Alternative 1

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Slow traffic

  • Reconfigure Dolores to create 90 degree turns (A, B, C, D, E)
  • Make Dolores one lane northbound (E)
  • Remove the third lane at J

Add landscaping

  • Create a new public space at F
  • Enlarge public spaces and add landscaping and public art (A, B, D, F)
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Create a true right-angle turn and create a new public plaza

Extend the sidewalk so that cars arriving at this intersection must make a hard right turn.

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Extend the sidewalk

Driveways would be extended.

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Make one lane permanent

Currently the former second lane is simply painted with cross hatches.

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Extend the sidewalk

Cars currently drive illegally in the former parking lane.

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Create a right-angle turn northbound

Extend the sidewalks to change the angle of the turn

Remove a lane of traffic

Remove the second lane of traffic to match the single lane southbound.

Reduce "lurking" drivers

Drivers currently turn left illegally from the middle northbound lane knowing that there are two lanes once they get across. This is dangerous (cars stuck behind the "lurkers" dart out into the third lane) and also slows MUNI.

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Remove the "free" right-turn

Currently drivers can avoid the light and turn northbound here onto Dolores from southbound San Jose. Instead, they would have to wait at the light.

Create a public space

The extra space leaves room for a plaza, and plants or art.

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Add a crosswalk and northbound stoplight

Pedestrians currently cross illegally here because there is no nearby intersection.

The new light could be synchronized with the light at Randall.

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Widen the sidewalk

Widening the sidewalk shortens the crossing distance and makes room for trees.

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Add pedestrian bulbouts

Narrow the entrance to Brook Street by adding pedestrian bulbouts.

More on bulbouts
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Drop the 3rd lane

Currently there are three lanes starting here.

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