The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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Corridor-wide features

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PPS recommends that the corridor receive consistent traffic treatment, while responding to the varying public space needs. Thus, the final plan will have elements that are consistent along the entire corridor, but sidewalk, median and landscaping treatments may vary according to specific needs.

General recommendations

  • Maintain traffic lanes at 10 feet
  • Reduce parking lanes to 8 feet
  • Vary bike lanes between 5 and 6 feet
  • Add bulb-outs at each intersection
  • Add curb ramps at each intersection
  • Widen median north of 28th
  • Widen sidewalks south of 28th
  • Add landscaping

Randall to 30th Streets

This area serves as a transit hub and as the southern gateway to San Francisco.

  • Leave the median as it is to accommodate MUNI
  • Add wider, landscaped sidewalks in key areas
  • Add features to make this area feel like an entrance to the city

30th to 28th Streets

This area is our commercial hub.

  • Widen sidewalks to 13 or 14 feet
  • Narrow median to 8 feet
  • Add pedestrian-scaled lighting and street trees

28th to Cesar Chavez

This area is primarily residential.

  • Maintain sidewalk of 9 feet
  • Widen median and add trees and plants

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