The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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Cesar Chavez, Alternative 1

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Slow traffic

  • Extend the sidewalks at all four corners (B, C, D)
  • Make Cesar Chavez west of Guerrero one lane both ways (B, C)
  • Extend the medians (G)

Add landscaping

  • Enlarge and landscape the garden (C)
  • Plant trees in a new planting strip (A) and the median (E)
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Add separate 3-foot tree strip

Plant trees in a 3-foot strip between a 9-foot sidewalk and the parking lane.

Alternate: Plant trees in parking strip

Instead of having a dedicated tree strip, cars could park between trees planted in the parking strip.

More on trees in the street
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Remove right-turn lane

The road currently widens to two lanes at the intersection.

Add pedestrian bulbout

Create a pedestrian bulbout by extending the curb into the extension of the parking lane.

More on bulbouts
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Add pedestrian bulbout
Expand community garden

Remove the current tow-away lane to create more garden space.

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Add pedestrian bulbout

Create pedestrian bulbouts into the crosswalks.

More on bulbouts
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Plant trees in the median

An 8-foot median is available if trees are planted as shown at A.

A 14-foot median is available if trees and cars share the parking strip.

More on planting the median
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Create a right-turn only lane

Allows the tow-away lane at C to be removed.

(The drawing accidently shows one of the left-turn lanes removed too.)

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Extend median into intersection

Create a concrete "thumbnail" at each median in the intersection.

More on extending medians
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