The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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Pedestrian bulbouts

"Pedestrian bulbouts" extend the corner sidewalk at an intersection. In this picture, the corners on the top and right side have bulbouts.

Each bulbout shown here takes part of a parking space on either side of the corner, but this isn't necessary.


Large bulbouts can support landscaping and, as shown here, even trees.


  • Shortens distance across the intersection for pedestrians
  • Improves visibility of pedestrians by drivers
  • Slows traffic (in our neighborhood especially, corners are so rounded that cars can currently make very fast turns)


24th Street

The photo at the bottom of this page shows the pedestrian bulbout at 24th and Harrison. In the background is angled parking.

Before and after

An example (by PPS) simulates a corner after adding a bulbout to the left corner. In this case, the bulbout adds enough extra space for the cart in addition to the other benefits.

Wider sidewalks near Mitchell's?

At some places we may want to replace parking spots with sidewalks wide enough for tables.

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