The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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28th Street, Alternative 1

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Create a public space

  • Close this intersection to through-traffic (at F)
  • Add new parking (at E)
  • Add pedestrian bulbouts (at B) to slow traffic turning onto 28th
  • Widen the median to 14 feet (at A)
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Narrow the sidewalk

Narrow west-side sidewalk to allow a 14-foot median.

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Calm traffic on 28th

Narrow the entrance to 28th Street by adding pedestrian bulbouts.

Add outdoor seating at Cup-o-Java

Replace a parking space (on either 28th or Guerrero) with more sidewalk in the parking lane.

More on bulbouts
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Extend median

Medians in the intersection slow turning traffic.
More on extending medians

Improve crosswalks

Create crosswalks at true 90 degree angles.

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Plant trees in a 14-foot median

9-foot sidewalks and 8-foot parking lanes allow a wider median.

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Close to through-traffic

Block car access from 28th or Guerrero to San Jose (and vice versa).

Add parking?

Closing the street to traffic allows for new parking. Not adding parking allows for a bigger public space.

Adding parking at E could offset removing parking at H.

Add parking meters?

Revenue from new meters could be specifically earmarked by the city to pay for local improvements.
More on meters

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Create a public space

  • farmer's market
  • block parties
  • public tables and chairs
  • vendor kiosk or cart
  • other stuff

Install planters

Use self-watering planters to create a green space and hedge from wind and noise.

Add special markings

Mark the ground (with cobblestones or special concrete color, for instance) in the public space to alert drivers they are visitors.

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Remove traffic access to Guerrero

Creates more public space.

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Maintain driveway access

Residents can drive both ways along a narrowed traffic lane.

Maintain current parking?

The current parking spaces could be maintained or replaced with new spaces at E.

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Dead-end through-traffic

Only residents of San Jose could drive through the public space.

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