The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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Greening Guerrero

Starting in 2005, we began working with the City to replace the cement medians along the San Jose/Guerrero corridor with plants and trees.

The project currently includes plans to green 20th to 30th Streets.

So far...

In November 2005, we replaced the concrete in three medians near Cesar Chavez Street with plants and trees.

In October 2006, we planted the triangular garden at Cesar Chavez and Guerrero.

In November 2006, we planted from Duncan to 29th Streets.

In March 2007, we planted from 29th to 30th Streets.

In Fall 2008, we are planting from Cesar Chavez to 20th (view map to see where we are).

How can I help?

We need help organizing blocks, planting and maintaining the medians and raising money.

$80,000 and Counting

We have already raised more than $80,000 towards Greening Guerrero--most of it from private individuals--an unprecedented amount for a neighborhood to volunteer towards a public works project.

Nothing talks to public officials like a neighborhood raising its own money, so please donate if you haven't already.


Traffic Calming

Streets with trees and plants help reduce traffic speeds by showing drivers that they are in a neighborhood--and not on a freeway.

Greening Guerrero

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Part 1: Cesar Chavez to Duncan

Part 2: Garden at Cesar Chavez

Part 3: Duncan to 29th

Part 4: 29th to 30th

How can I Help?



Do it Yourself Median Greening

Planting Instructions

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