The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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Planting Instructions

Hereís how to transplant most of the plants Flora Grubb has selected for this project:
  1. Cut an X in the weed fabric the same diameter as the plant pot about to be transplanted;
  2. Peel back the weed fabric pieces and start moving the soil in the exposed space to the street next to the median (don't put the soil on top of the weed fabric);
  3. THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Leave enough soil in the hole so that the top of the plantís rootball will be level with the top of the median curb (these plants need to be planted high for good drainage). Put some soil back into the hole youíve dug, if need be;
  4. Resist the urge to loosen up the soil in the bottom of the hole. This will cause the plant to sink and get rotted roots;
  5. Whack the sides of the plant pot to loosen the soil from the inside, and gently slide the plant and surrounding soil sideways out of the pot into your gloved hand;
  6. Gently place the plant and surrounding soil into the hole you've excavated;
  7. Roll back the weed fabric pieces snug to the plant and slide/sweep all ambient soil back underneath the fabric. Your plant should now look like itís growing out of a mini-volcano;
  8. Smoosh/tamp the soil around the plant so that the plant cannot easily be pulled out;
  9. Cover the weed fabric around the plant (but not ON the plant) with 3" of decomposed granite.
  10. If youíre planting a Swan Hill Olive Tree, before removing ANY of the box, position the tree in the hole so that the rootball is between 3 and 6 inches above the surrounding soil. Once the correct position has been achieved, remove ONLY the bands and sides of the box Ė leave the bottom of the box in place so as not to damage the rootball.

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