The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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Plants in the medians

Landscape architects at Flora Grubb Gardens (1074 Guerrero at 23rd) help select plants for the medians.

These plants are shapely (some are spiky) and discourage theft and irresponsible dog owners. They are also rugged, and appropriate to our harsh, super-windy, dry location without being expensive. Canary Island palms, which are on Dolores, require additional water and cost $2,500 each, for reference.


Trachycarpus Wagnerianus  
Olea europaea 'swan hill'  


Agave Alba Medio Picta Silver, white, and yellow-striped agave to 40 inches
Agave Huachucensis Silver, black thorned agave to 30 inches
Agave parrasana Small clumping agave


Aeonium 'Cyclops' Red Blushed aeonium to 30 inches
Cotyledon orbiculata Silver succulent with orange flowers to 36 inches
Aloe 'Johnsons Hybrid' A small aloe that has orange flowers year round to 18 inches


Adenanthos drummondii Wooly Bush, with soft texture to 3 feet
Leucadendron Salignum Beautiful red leafed shrub to 4 feet


Libertia peregrinans Evergreen with an orange blush to 2 feet


Euphorbia myrsinites Silver groundcover with bright green flowers to 1 foot
Sedum 'Blue Carpet' Blue-silver to 3 inches
Sedum 'Dragons Blood' Dark red to 3 inches

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