The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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The map on the right shows our progress Greening Guerrero from 20th to 30th.

22nd-23rd Streets

The concrete in the median between 22nd and 23rd Streets will shortly be removed.

The developer of the condos on the middle of that block (where Flora Grubb Nursery/The Palm Broker used to be) will do this work as part of an agreement with the city.

We don't yet have a new date for when we will plant this block.

North of 20th Street

Enthusiasm for greening has prompted many people north of 20th Street to wonder why their blocks were not included in the first phases of the project; so we we would like to extend the project all the way to Market Street. If you're interested, please contact us.

Greening Guerrero

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Part 1: Cesar Chavez to Duncan

Part 2: Garden at Cesar Chavez

Part 3: Duncan to 29th

Part 4: 29th to 30th

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