The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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In November 2005, we replaced the concrete in three medians near Guerrero and Cesar Chavez with plants and trees.

Those medians were part of a pilot program we helped create for San Francisco neighborhoods to adopt their own medians.

Our partners for the pilot:

  • The SF Department of Public Works
  • The SF Mayor's Office of Greening
  • Flora Grubb Gardens (Guerrero at 23rd)
  • The Garden Project

Groundbreaking work

The process of greening medians in San Francisco is currently fairly formidable. One of the goals of Greening Guerrero is to create a pilot program that can be repeated throughout the city--if local residents are willing to do their part.

What about my Neighborhood?

People driving along the planted section of Guerrero routinely ask us how they can green their own neighborhoods, so...

"Do it Yourself" Median Adoption Kit

...we created a kit to help people green medians all over San Francisco.

Ask us

Contact us if you'd like more information.

Greening Guerrero

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Part 1: Cesar Chavez to Duncan

Part 2: Garden at Cesar Chavez

Part 3: Duncan to 29th

Part 4: 29th to 30th

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Do it Yourself Median Greening

Planting Instructions

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