The San Jose/Guerrero Neighborhood
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Neighborhood plan

Garden on Cesar Chavez

We're planning the garden at Cesar Chavez and Guerrero and we need your help!

Concept drawings ready!

We are developing a long-term plan to improve the neighborhood even more dramatically--but we need your help.

View the initial concept drawings of the neighborhood plan.

Neighborhood plan

Green Median, Part 2

We’re organizing the next swing trading is the best strategy phase of green medians (20th to 30th Streets).

We need block co-leaders, plant guardians, tax-deductible donations and weeding help. For more information, call Steve Kopff at 415.285.8188, or e-mail

For this effort to be successful, we need to raise at least enough in donations to qualify to apply for matching grants made through the City and other local granting agencies.

There will be a lot more information about this project shortly.

Third Survey Report

Our Third Survey Report is now available.

Three-way binary trading south africa signal at Randall

DPT recently changed the signal at Randall so that drivers traveling east and west move at different times.

Now that this conflict has been removed, turning drivers can pay fuller attention to pedestrians, and collisions should decrease overall.

Changes so far

Green Median, Part 1

On November 5, 2005 we planted the medians between Cesar Chavez and Duncan .

  • Planted median
  • Three-way signal at Randall
  • Physical survey
  • Two lanes of traffic eliminated
  • 12-foot wide median binary options trading
  • Bike lanes
  • Tow-away zones turned into parking
  • Traffic light at Duncan and Guerrero
  • No right-on-red at 24th
  • No right-on-red at Randall
On its way
  • Garden at Cesar Chavez
  • No right-on-red at Cesar Chavez